We offer services to help you grow your audience and attract more customers to your online store.


E-commerce marketing is the next necessary step to expand the audience of your online store to help drive more sales and revenue. Read on and see how we can improve your current strategy, no matter what stage you’re at.

Why you need a different kind of marketing agency

  1. You’re currently working with multiple agencies to try and drive affordable cost per acquisition, but is the overall cost eating up your profit margin?
  2. You’re trying to cobble together marketing in-house with a team that is overstretched.
  3. You’re a small business that has seen massive growth in your digital arm, but it is now becoming too hard to quantify internally.

Some of the Platforms we work with…

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Our e-commerce marketing services

See the range of services we can offer to help you with the performance of your online store.


E-Commerce SEO

As the rate of transactions occurring online grows everyday with customers using long-tail keyword searches through Bing & Google it is more important than ever to make sure E-Commerce pages are able to take them straight to the product they want to buy. Our SEO is all about making sure your products appear highest on the search listings.


Shopping Ads For E-Commerce

We specialise in a range of shopping ads tools to help get your products in front of the right customers with Google Shopping being the most powerful of those tools. By uploading your products directly into these shopping ads feeds you will be able to display your product information and pricing on the SERPs to help increase engagement and conversion rates.

E-Commerce Email Marketing

Conversion rate optimisation is about making more of your existing website traffic. Our email marketing for E-Commerce does just that, by using our email marketing strategy you will be able to increase the basket life of your customers, which in turn will reduce your marketing budget attracting new customers by building brand loyalty.

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Why Companies Choose Us


  • We come from a background of retail, not just working in retail.
  • We were working market stalls in the 1980’s, and managing multiple stores by late 90’s.
  • We built early E-Commerce business that we sold in 2010 with our bricks and mortar that included, Amazon, and Ebay stores as well as standalone website.
  • We have worked with big E-Commerce brands and drive 5X growth from small and large budgets.

E-Commerce Businesses That Have Grown With Us

Solving Your Problems

Are you working with multiple agencies to get the skill set you require?

The first question we need to ask is a hard one, do you know what is needed to maximise your business potential online. If the answer is yes then using multiple agencies could be cost effective on the face of it but could it be creating a negative opportunity cost in overall time managing these agencies.

The cost to manage agencies is pulling you away from what makes you money, your business. Freeing up this time with a company that can deal with marketing and bring it down to its basics, could free you up to do what is needed to help you scale your business.

If the answer is “no, I follow their direction”, then you need someone who can act like a marketing director for your business, someone who can create a plan and has the skills to execute as well as plan.

Are you trying to cobble together marketing in-house with a team that is overstretched?

Outsourcing is something that can create an element of fear, but we have worked with numerous retail brands to help them overcome this. We have a wealth of experience that we will provide and share with your team. We will work like part of your team to drive sustainable scale.

Agencies we’ve partnered with

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A Word From Our Clients

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“They worked so well that we had to ask Headland Marketing to put all the marketing suggestions on hold…we are too busy and can’t handle it.”


Owner, Desserts Delivered

“Headland Marketing provided fast and actionable intelligence on our PPC campaigns. Enabled us to meet our KPI’s through the PPC campaign we have off amazon.”


Owner, Skinny Sprinkles

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