We’ve known this change has been coming since January 2019, but now Google Ads auto applied recommendations are starting to make their way into our accounts and these changes do not show in your account’s change history.

We were notified by Google at the beginning of last year that Google’s recommendations would automatically be applied to your ads account unless you were to opt out of this service.

However, it appears that this service is finally beginning to be thrust upon us by Google with some advertisers noticing changes to their accounts’ despite them not making any drastic changes.

Digging deeper into this, we found that Google has now created a completely separate program that is now used to review all Google Ads auto applied recommendations, the Auto Applied Recommendations Control Centre

Although many of us advertisers will have already opted out of this function on any clients we work with already. There will be many new clients who weren’t aware of this change or what it meant, and have either not opted out or willingly opted into this option to help them save time managing their own ads account.

There are now separate history logs so any changes that have been applied via Google auto applied recommendations will only be visible in the control centre. Here you will also be able to see which of your accounts are opted in and what changes have been made.

The list of recommendations that can be applied are huge and encompass a wide range of tasks such keywords, bidding strategies, bids and more. Google bases the changes it makes on the optimisation score of each campaign.

This image is taken from the FAQ page of the Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations Control Centre.

Why You Should Care

Now if you haven’t already then you should log into the auto applied control centre and check the settings that are applied to the accounts you are managing. It’s also something you should take into account when taking on any new clients, to make sure they haven’t opted into this option themselves.

Although Google is telling us that this is a way of “never missing an opportunity to reach potential customers” according to the Homepage of the control centre. What it really means is that it’s taking the control out of the agency’s hands and it makes balancing control and automation very difficult.

One benefit this tool could bring is that it will us to spend less time campaign weeding and give us more time to plan strategy and analyse accounts. However, we hope Google offers more transparency with this tool and begins to offer notifications when these recommendations will take place automatically.

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